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Services from T1 to 1,000 Mbps

CLEARSURF INTERNATIONAL offers an Internet solution for small, medium and large size businesses. 


ClearSurf offers Internet service from a T1, 1.5 Mbps up to over 1,000 Mbps. 

ClearSurf offers Internet for businesses of all sizes.


Internet Service Offerings

Fixed Wireless_Wi-Max3 ClearSurf Broadband

Point to Point Solutions

ClearSurf offers point to point solutions to connect offices for sharing bandwidth or for communication between offices. Line of sight is required between the offices or back to ClearSurf base stations. 


ClearSurf solved a law firm's problem when they wanted to connect two offices about two miles apart.  They needed a 100 Mbps solution, and they needed it right away.  ClearSurf implemented a solution with fixed wireless technology. 


ClearSurf can help your business also.  

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Temporary Internet Solutions

ClearSurf offers temporary solutions for events where the need is for less than a year.  From one day to six months, ClearSurf offers high speed Internet to meet the demands.  

Business Internet in Miami Business Internet

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Covering Miami, South Florida, Atlanta and Dallas.

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Disaster Recovery

Florida Hurricanes:

Many of us know the pain of having our Internet being down due to a hurricane. Customers have come to ClearSurf to help protect their businesses from a potentially damaging business event from a hurricane or just having a primary provider that has a fiber cut, or phone lines being down.  


Secure a secondary techology like fixed wireless to ensure redundancy or a back up plan with ClearSurf International.  Call today and have greater peace of mind. 

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