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Demand for Internet

Demand for bandwidth is growing globally.  New applications that require high speed Internet is helping to drive the demand. 

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How much bandwidth does your business need?

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Determine what applications will use the Internet in order to be most productive.


  1. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  2. Security Cameras 
  3. Webinars
  4. Video Streaming
  5. General Surfing
  6. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) 
  7. Working with customers and vendors over the Internet
  8. Special software applications from home or satellite offices
  9. Cloud services 
  10. Emails with very large files 
  11. High Definition Video Conferencing
  12. Skype and Other Online Communications
  13. Downloading large files, applications, video, etc.
  14. Internet radio, music and videos
  15. Wi-Fi in the officeplace for laptops, smart phones and tablets

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Disaster Recovery and Service Interruption

Many of us know the pain of having our Internet down.  Customers have come to ClearSurf to help protect their businesses from a potentially damaging business event, such as from a hurricane, as well as service issues such as a cut fiber cable or downed phone lines. 


We provide both primary and secondary services to ensure redundancy and a secure, reliable connection for consistent uptime. 


Call ClearSurf International today for greater peace of mind.

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